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I have looked for an easy solution to publish mathematical formula on Medium. As I use Markdown (and Jupyter notebooks) for my daily work, it is natural for me to use a solution like Markdium that works smoothly for embedding code.

For mathematical equations, however, the solution is not that easy. For example, the following procedure will not lead to a rendered formula. As I am not a Mac user, also the recommendation in this Medium article are not relevant for me.

The way I considered rely on saving the images in SVG and converting the images in PNG (currently…

Using GAN for generating artificial data

A simple approach with Keras

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Why generating artificial data?

Sometimes, I can not save the data I am currently working on and bring them outside of the customer’s premises — most of the times for privacy or security reasons. Having the possibility of working on some data for which I could not provide a suitable model is a good way to keep improving. I am a firm believer in the importance of Agile retrospectives. Having artificial data is an excellent technique to experiment with different approaches I did not have the time to explore during a project.

This is the reason that led me to study and dig into…

Matteo Capitani

Data Scientist, Mathematician and Physicist by Education

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